Methodist Home for Children

Collaborated with in-house marketing staff to produce the biannual Spotlight magazine. Worked with the staff to set schedules, develop story ideas, and plan photography.

Contest Promotion

North Carolina Department of Justice

Designed promotional materials for a DOJ student contest. Target audience was middle and high school students. Materials included posters and art used online and in social media.

Research and Review Report

Methodist Home for Children

Developed a communication piece to effectively present yearly data to the organization’s board of directors. Collaborated with both the data analyst and the copywriter to develop best presentation methods.

Fundraising Campaign

Methodist Home for Children

Developed an updated look for an existing campaign that included handouts, fact sheets, merchandise, posters, signage, displays, and apparel. Worked with many different vendors and managed schedules to get all pieces delivered on time.

Consumer Awareness Series

North Carolina Department of Justice

Designed a handout template for a variety of consumer awareness topics. Client wanted additional handouts to easily work within this new structure.

Event Logo and Collateral

Methodist Home for Children

Created a new look for an existing fundraising event. Client specified incorporating existing visuals since the event had recognition in the community. Designed a new word mark and developed a color palette.

Quarterly Magazine

FMI Corporation

Designed a 100+ page financial trade publication serving the construction industry. Worked closely with information graphic artist to ensure accuracy of exhibits. Managed production with out-of-state printer.

Restaurant Logo and Collateral

Pho Pho Pho

Designed logo and business collateral for local restaurant. Developed a color palette for client to use on a variety of materials.

Trifold Brochure

Hospice of Stanley and the Uwharrie

Designed and produced a trifold brochure for nonprofit organization explaining and promoting their hospice services.

Annual Report and Display

Future Farmers of America, NC State University

Updated the look of FFA annual report and created a coordinating table top display. Designs needed to be cohesive with recently updated website.

Logo and Collateral

Skinner Farlow Kirwan Architecture

Designed logo and collateral for a new Raleigh architectural firm.

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